What is truth?

What is truth? In Universalist Radha-Krishnaism, I admit that it may indeed be a product of our imagination so let us imagine freely and not be stuck with only the imaginings of the past. Whatever we can imagine exists on some level or other of reality which may not be subject to empirical reason. Just because something cannot be empirically or rationally proven does not make it unreal.

Perhaps, this is where faith comes in. Everything we experience is a product of our individual and collective imaginations. If we can imagine something better–excellent. If those imaginings can be actualized in this life–great! Some things we imagine, dream of, desire, and long for may not be realized in this life, but we have faith that they will be realized in the next. Our desires are what manifest.

I simply offer a way to increase our desire for Radha-Krishna by imagining ourselves as their intimate friends. We cultivate a higher taste like when we enjoy music, literature, plays, art, and poetry. Free the mind from the dross, and learn to taste the ineffable beauty and bliss of spiritual life. We may experience it ourselves and enrich our life by it, but we may not be able to prove it is real. We are dealing with the individual and collective accumulated descriptions of this reality, which are necessarily inadequate representations of the currently incomprehensible Ground of Being. If we could actually comprehend God-dess, he-she would not be God-dess.

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