Nature of the Absolute (cont.)

The blissful energy enables God-dess to enjoy bliss and infuses bliss into the hearts of loving devotees. The essence of the blissful energy is divine love. The fullest manifestation of divine love is Radha, the eternal consort or counter-whole of Krishna, the personal absolute. Just as Krishna possesses infinite divine energies in their highest perfection, Radha embodies those divine energies in their most developed form.

Krishna manifests infinite partial forms of the divine. Radha manifests infinite divine energies. Their relationship exhibits simultaneous oneness and difference. One entity assumes two forms to enjoy divine love sports. Radha’s body, like Krishna’s, consists of bliss and consciousness. They share spiritual love. To maximize Krishna’s bliss, Radha expands into innumerable partial manifestations as her confidants, the sensuous women of the spiritual abode, who assist in Radha-Krishna’s amorous pastimes and increase their bliss unlimitedly.

The blissful energy exists above all others, identified with the intrinsic, perfect self of God-dess. Other energies remain subservient to it, associated with partial aspects of God-dess. Conscious energy is identified with Cosmic Consciousness and existential energy with Undifferentiated Oneness. The gradation of energies closely corresponds with the gradation of the three aspects of God-dess. Just as God-dess includes Cosmic Consciousness, and Cosmic Consciousness includes Undifferentiated Oneness, blissful energy includes conscious energy, and conscious energy includes existential energy.

The supreme bliss of Radha-Krishna’s divine sports attracts even liberated souls. According to the aesthetic philosophy of Chaitanya, only the sensuous women of Braj–Radha-Krishna’s transcendental abode–enjoy the highest form of bliss known as “the sweet taste.” They engage in the most confidential, loving pastimes of Radha-Krishna. Indeed, the sweet taste is the very essence of Radha-Krishna.

Universalist Radha-Krishnaism offers a dynamic conception of reality. Since the energies relate either externally or internally to God-dess, God-dess creates both the material and spiritual planes. The spiritual energy manifests the eternal sport of God-dess. The eternal sport manifests unparalleled transcendent beauty, sublime spiritual life, bliss, ease, and grace of movement.

Since all movement relates directly or indirectly to the integrating center, acknowledgment of the absolute’s dynamic nature calls for a new view of life. It leads to an aesthetical-teleological understanding of reality, making all knowledge and experience concrete and meaningful.

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