An Environmental Perspective

Rather than God-dess giving humans dominion over other species and the environment, we are given stewardship of them–responsibility to care for them. In today’s urban environments we tend to loose our connection with nature, and materialistic capitalism dominates.


One of the main underlying causes driving a multiplicity of problems is rapid population growth that takes us beyond the carrying capacity of mother earth. There are simply too many people wanting to consume too many things. Sex education and promotion of effective birth control measures are needed to stop this trend.

We also need to learn to live in harmony with nature. That’s why I live in the jungle and tend my land with love. Animal and plant populations tend to over populate too. Here we have many invasive species that need to be kept under control or they will destroy the native environment. Humans are like an invasive species and need to learn to control ourselves and live in harmony with nature, or nature will find a way to control our spread and destruction of natural environment.

Life is certainly a struggle when we are out of balance, out of harmony with God-dess, ourselves, others, and nature. Universalist Radha-Krishnaism seeks to restore balance, harmony, and wholeness to our lives. In the spiritual Braj, we experience idyllic life in harmony with nature and all beings. I don’t know if we will experience it in this life due to so many conflicting forces vying for power and exploitation of resources. 

However, we can find that place within, and each person can make a small or large difference in the world by working to make it a better place. Judging from the changes I see Obama making, I think this is a good time for those who want to create positive change to unite with others of like mind and act.

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