An Experimental Approach to Faith and Reason

The existence of God-dess cannot be conclusively proved or disproved. God-dess exists beyond time, space, reason, and conception as well as in time, space, reason, and conception. Therefore, we can know God-dess to the degree we comprehend his-her self-revelation at the moment. So, it comes down to faith aided by intuition and reason. Faith is not contrary to reason, however, certain aspects of faith cannot be fully understood by us now and remain the great mystery.

Agnostics could do well by acting and believing in God-dess because there is nothing to lose and everything to gain following the logic of Pascal’s Wager. We act as if we believe until real belief develops. This is the beginning of devotion and usually brings the fruits of more ethical behavior, increased happiness, feeling a sense of purpose in life, and treating others with more love. These tangible results inspire more faith which in turn brings more results and more faith. In this way, we can perform an experiment and determine for ourselves the results of faith.

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