The Phenomenal World

The world is a manifestation of the material energy of God-dess and is therefore real. God-dess intrinsically transcends matter, but matter depends upon God-dess for its existence. God-dess, the spiritual abodes and associates exist before creation. At creation the universe is projected out of God-dess in what we now call the big bang. Matter becomes active when energized by God-dess. God-dess is the primary cause of creation, and material nature is the secondary cause.

God-dess impregnates matter with the innumerable living entities and enters creation as the Cosmic Consciousness initiating and regulating the process of creation. Cosmic Consciousness is the soul of the cosmos which is his-her body. Thus, God-dess both transcends and pervades the cosmos in a panentheistic manner. God-dess creates the universe out of his-herself and is both its efficient and material causes. Though God-dess creates the world out of him-herself, God-dess does not undergo modification.

We accept a contemporary scientific view of the world. The big bang, evolution and quantum physics are all acceptable to our world view. We are especially attracted to the holographic paradigm developed by physicist David Bohm and neurophysiologist Karl Pribram. We will leave deciphering material nature to the scientists who specialize in that sort of thing, and I will focus on spiritual matters.

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