The Holographic Universe

I was doing research, preparing to respond to Kapoor’s first paragraph of Chapter VIII, dealing with expansions of God-dess, in terms of a hologram. I wanted to make sure my understanding of the relation between a hologram and its part was correct. I came upon this essay: The Universe as a Hologram, by Michael Talbot which describes the universe and the brain as the holographic paradigm.

I’ve been exploring this concept for some time now, but I never saw it put forth as well as this essay. It makes intuitive sense to me, sounds rational and corresponds to my experience and an emerging world view in society.

I will use it to explain incarnations, the cosmos, the living entities and other concepts. It is foreshadowed in the Vedic story of Indra’s Net. I think it ties in very well with my philosophy, and if I am not mistaken, with German idealism. I think it’s the framework that ties everything together. It’s ALL true on some level or other. Whatever we imagine is real. It’s all within us and without, the interconnected whole, Cosmic Consciousness, of which we are a holographic part. There is a reality, but it is a manifestation of the Cosmic Consciousness which is not as solid as some may believe. We simply tune in the channel of reality we want to experience and go for it. This needs to be developed, but I really think it’s the link between the present and Chaitanyaism.

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