Sensuous Women Devoted to Krishna

While meditating on what gopis might be like today and how we might translate “gopi” so that it has meaning for contemporary Western devotees, I had an insight. “Gopi” is traditionally translated as “cowherd damsel, girl, woman or maiden.” They are Krishna’s lovers in the cowherd village of Vrindaban who serve Krishna in a mood of erotic love. Most of us have little or no connection to cows or cow herding. “Go” means “cow,” but it also means “senses.” Therefore, gopis are the paradigm of sensuous women who are aesthetically and sexually pleasing to Krishna. If we look at the most beautiful, voluptuous women today, we can just begin to get an idea of what Radha and her friends are like. May Radha and her confidants reveal themselves to me ever more fully eternally. Radhe! Radhe!

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