Radha Krishna are the feminine-masculine poles of God-dess. When we see the two as one, we see the androgyny of God-dess and by reflection, of ourselves. Chaitanya is the embodiment of Radha Krishna and therefore, considered their incarnation. The introduction to the Chaitanya Charitamrita beautifully describes Krishna’s reasoning for incarnating as Chaitanya. He wanted to taste the bliss Radha experiences because it is so much more intense than his. So, as Chaitanya, especially after renunciation, he took on the mood of Radha.

This has to do with the mystery of the two-in-one, and is connected to sahajiya philosophy. I am inclined to favor the descending symbolism of Bhaktivinode. God-dess, contains or embodies the symbol in its pure spiritual essence. God-dess is personal, male and female, but in ways we cannot fully conceive. When we see how Radha Krishna manifested in Chaitanya and his followers, we can get an idea of how they might manifest in us. When we are able to bring about the union of Radha Krishna within ourselves, that is perfection.

Joseph Campbell said that the highest form of spirituality is to live the myth. As we surrender to Radha Krishna and allow them to enter our lives, we may hope to be possessed by them and become God-dess intoxicated persons like Chaitanya.

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