Archetypal Gender Equality

I am influenced by the Brahma Vaivarta Purana and other later developments which elevate Radha from a mere shakti of Krishna, to the Supreme Goddess. C. Mackenzie Brown discusses this in God As Mother: A Feminine Theology in India. There is also some good discussion of Radha in The Divine Consort: Radha and rthe Goddesses of India, edited by John Hawley and Donna Wulff.

I and many others feel the need for a gender inclusive Supreme Being(s). My main focus of worship is Radha Krishna Yugal, the two in one. One aspect of CV we might want to leave behind is its patriarchialism with an exclusive male God whose female energy is just there for his pleasure. I wonder if some of Krishna’s pastimes are based on Indian kings who had the pick of all the women in the kingdom. I’d like to see some archetypal development of Radha Krishna’s relationship reflecting gender equality that contemporary Western persons are able to relate to.

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