God-dess and Nature

In The G.O.D. Experiments, scientist Gary Swartz makes a good case for a guiding, organizing, designing principle/field/force that is active throughout the universe on all levels of existence. He sees this force as personal, with a sense of humor even.

This goes along with God-dess being the Ground of All Being. Therefore, God-dess does not exist as other things exist but is existence itself. Vasudeva sarvam iti. Matter is not merely dead, unconscious matter, but is the shakti of God-dess and controlled by her G.O.D. principles set in motion at the beginning of creation and working through the laws of nature guided by the consciousness of Paramatman, the Cosmic Christ. Thus we have highly sophisticated organization at all levels of existence from the atom to the galaxy. Earth is our mother, Gaia, a great organism herself, and we are organisms living on her with organisms living on and in us. It’s all connected in Indra’s net, and we are a part of a holographic universe in which the part contains the whole. Therefore, in a sense, everything is within and without. As above so below.

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