Why we need faith?

No matter how sophisticated your idea of God, it is still trying to put God in a box and say, “Ah ha. Now I’ve got it.” As soon as you say, this is it, and worship your limited conception (whether it is more or less limited than others conceptions) and take the words of your books and teachers as final and complete, that is the beginning of idolatry, when we worship the symbol as God and do not see it as symbol, for all we know about God is symbolic.

God must remain the ultimate, unknowable other who is the great mystery behind everything so long as we are in this embodied material state of existence. Especially in unsettled, troubled times such as we live in, many persons want final, black and white, conclusive answers, but they’re just not real whether they come from the Christians, Moslems, Hindus or who ever. I’m afraid we must always live with uncertainty, ambiguity and paradox.

That is why we need faith.

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