Why God-dess?

In the progressive, Protestant wing of the church, there is a strong effort to use inclusive God language which often takes the form of Mother, Father God. Yet this often leads to inadequate, cumbersome language. Actually there is no English word for God which is inclusive of male and female. So, I made one up.

I define God-dess as Radha Krishna, the Divine Couple, etc. It is not meant to stand alone as a concept. Rather it is meant to replace the terms God, Godhead, etc. so one need not repeat Radha Krishna again and again or resort to the thousands of other names they have which only tend to confuse the average Western reader or hearer.

My objective in suggesting the changes I do are not an attempt to be novel, but rather an attempt however humble to begin the process of developing an indiginous Western Radha Krishna devotion as Bhaktivinode Thakur envisioned. I would like to reclaim devotional yoga from the sullied image it has in the West so that intelligent, thinking persons who do not wish to be fundamentalist literalists who simply accept whatever the guru or scriptures say, may benefit from the wonderful nectarean love and grace of God-dess.

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