My new web design is almost ready to publish, just going over final changes and details. I’m also working on an addittion to my home, so I have plenty to keep me busy. A really bad spring cold really slowed me down the past couple of weeks, but I’m getting better now. Summer is here in Hawai’i now and they say it will be a pretty dry one. Lots of people are hauling water already. When the indoor temperature hit 98 yesterday, I decided it’s time to buy an electric fan.

As I sat on the front porch this morning contemplating the sunrise, I thought, “I consider this place to be like Vrindaban, the spiritual world. Others see it as a battle field to practice shooting their big guns, polluting the environment. Others see it as a resource to exploit for money.” How we view life does make a difference. Does our world view contribute to peace, happiness and the good of all? We can each make that choice daily. Aloha.

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