The Need for a New Vision

I write about an ultimate or all-consuming concern or passion that takes over one’s life and leads to total, complete surrender of one’s entire being acting in accord with the object of faith. Faith is devoid of belief in and of itself. It is much deeper and probably an innate character of humanity. How can we live without faith in something? be it ourselves, the state, capitalism, religion, dogma, creed, tradition, or whatever?

As for myself, my consuming passion is the God-dess, Radha-Krishna, Yugal Kishor. I often say, “I don’t believe in God-dess, I experienced God-dess.” The thing is this. I had many experiences of the divine. I touched holiness. I had dreams and visions. These things kept me going along with my ongoing experinces of the divine in everyday life. However, franklly, none of these experiences are completely definitive and convincing. I experienced various aspects of God-dess and they are all real. When one is dealing with the Absolute, the Ground of All Being, God-dess, in faith, what is really being asked is total surrender and absorption in God-dess’s service for eternity.

Now, if I’m going to spend eternity somewhere, doing something, serving somebody, it had all better really be cool and totally blissful and engaging for me so that I’m really loving it. I have been totally charmed and captivated by the beautiful Radha Krishna leela. However, the Indian stories also chafe my Western psyche and I think I don’t really want to live like that for eternity. So, since I have faith in God-dess and not just faith in certain stories about God-dess, my faith is not disturbed if I question those stories and try to imagine them in a way that is more relevant for myself and perhaps some others. Faith is healthier when it is dynamic and not static. To be dynamic doubt needs to be encouraged and a questioning enquiring spirit engaged in further ellucidation of the unllimited glories of God-dess.

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