Question Authority

I simply cannot believe that India is the one culture that has been so blessed that it is directly modeled on an exact revelation of the spiritual world without any cultural influence. Rather the stories are full of Indian cultural influences that existed before Radha Krishna were written about.

I believe in revelation, including my own revelations, and do not hold anyone so high their views cannot be questioned or developed upon. Bhaktivinode Thakur was a spokesperson for such intellectual freedom.

What I’m doing is equivalent to the Protestant Reformation. Have your own relationship with God-dess directly. The infallible popes, dalai lamas, gurus, acharyas, saints, scriptures are no longer infallible. They are all part of the accumulated tradition which may be questioned, revised and developed as needed. Revelation is real, but as soon as it is over and you try to put it in words, it becomes culturally conditioned. Aloha until later.

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