Myth Builds Worlds

As I learned it, myth builds worlds. It creates a world view that encompasses both this world and the spiritual world. It is something that springs forth from the collective unconscious or spiritual plane manifesting the archetypes or gods and goddesses in a language we can relate to. These universal truths are revealed according to time and circumstance and therefore are culturally conditioned.

I am dedicated to extracting the essence of the Radha Krishna myth, stripping it of many of the cultural externals and reviving it in a Western context. This is a huge undertaking, and I hope others are of like mind and interested in developing such a revisioning. Myths have their limits, and if they are not constantly renewed and revitalized to make them relevant to current recipients, they may die.

One significant change I made is to use the term “God-dess” to refer to the Divine Couple, Radha Krishna. This signifies the two in one, God and Goddess in one inclusive term that may give preference to the Goddess, Radha, but the patriarchal God has been dominant long enough and is really the slave of Radha anyway.

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