Stop Helicopter Terrorism!

I moved to the jungle to live a peaceful, quiet, contemplative life. Instead, I find myself in a war zone, a war declared by the federal, state and local governments against the people of the Big Island. It’s called Green Harvest and is intended to eradicate cannabis growing. Green Harvest has been going on for years with disastrous consequences. The economy has been devastated, the supply of cannabis reduced with resulting price increases, leading previously happy, peaceful cannabis smokers to turn to ice in epidemic numbers with ruinous social consequences.

In May, I watched from my backyard as an unmarked, yellow helicopter lowered two guys from ropes and picked them up again with my neighbor’s plants on the road behind me, 150’ from my home. They continue to return regularly to harass, terrorize and raid the neighborhood. Their low flying circling of the neighborhood, along with all the other low flying air traffic here makes it obvious to me that I live in a war zone that is being oppressed by an alien, colonialist government that has co-opted the local government against the interests of a majority of the population.

I, my wife and many of my neighbors all over the island have had enough. We held a meeting a couple of weeks ago and planned a protest demonstration which we held Saturday morning at the Hilo airport intersection on Highway 11. We had a good turnout for a first time, grassroots effort. The response from passing motorists was great. During a level red terrorist alert at the airport, we were protesting local helicopter terrorism of our neighborhoods. The local paper featured a front page article showing frightened elementary school children as a mock Green Harvest raid occurred in their school yard. Think of the long range negative consequences for the children whose family income has been taken by Green Harvest and parents jailed by this illegal war against our own people—what to speak of all the children whose parents are now ice addicts. These protests will continue.

The best news is that Roger Christie of The Hawai’i Cannabis (THC) Ministry got the county to accept a ballot initiative which would put an end to all cannabis eradication efforts and redirect the manpower and funds to methamphetamine education and treatment programs. The County Council has included this initiative on the agenda for their August 23, 9:00 am meeting at the Hilo County Building. Anyone who wants may have three minutes to give their testimony on this issue. Please come and show your support for this positive solution.

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