About Spiritual Practices

I think sadhana (spiritual practice) needs to vary from person to person. I don’t have a one size fits all program. I make my japa chanting requirements minimal–at least one round of each mantra the person in inititated in daily. I like the idea of bhajans (songs) in the native language. I need some poets and musicians to work with.

Everything is Krishna and Krishna’s energies. He is everywhere, in everyone and everything. Yet everyone and everything is not Krishna. When I have surrendered my life to Radha Krishna and am motivated by love in all I do and work for the good of all walking in the presence of Radha Krishna living in the transcendental Vrindaban wherever I may be, then everything I do becomes spiritual.

So far as sexual practices, that’s also a very personal, individualistic path. I believe it is best done in a commited, loving relationship. They can also be done individually or by any two consenting adults. However, marriage vows need to be respected.

I don’t know much about sahajiyas really except what I read recently on GR and other places on the net. While I like the basic premise of following the natural, easy way, I disagree with the practice of having sex with others spouses. I have studied and practiced some tantric and Kama Sutra techniques.

Now I have my own very informal methods. Keeping the sexual (kundalini) energy flowing and active is important. Gazing at the partner is very effective for breaking through and seeing the real person. Chanting the holy names and mantras increases the spiritual effect. Being loving and nurturing and delaying organism helps.

I don’t think it’s good to imagine ourselves to be the Divine Couple in whatever form. We are not them. We are their servants. We pray that their love may be manifested through our love, but not that we become them.

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