A call for help

I am looking for some devotee scholars and poets who would like to collaborate with me to update the Radha Krishna devotional literature. The GV corpus was put together based on 16th century Indian aesthetic theory. What would it look like with 21st century, Western aesthetics? How can the philosophy be developed in such a way that post-modern critical thinkers and seekers can be devotees without having to compromise their intelligence? How can we take and adapt the best and leave the rest? This is a major undertaking.

One thing I think is needed is to make Radha Krishna and their friends older–like Radha is 20 and Krishna 21. We don’t have 12 year old married women here. What’s with this obsession with illicit love being higher than married love anyway? I’m talking about a major reimagining of the myth to make it more relevant today and in the future.

Such persons need to be self supporting and do this work because they feel called to it.

Let me know if you are interested. Thank you.

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