Ecumenical Relations

Very good relations exist among the various cannabis ministries here. We went to The 1st Sunday Reggae Church in Glenwood. It’s organized by Jesse Dawn and his band Jah Kine. He gave out free copies of their new CD, “Jah Kine Uprising.” There was another band there too. Not many people were in the audience due to thunder storms, but those who were there seemed very open and welcoming. My wife and I enjoyed dancing during breaks in the rain including a circle dance. It was good talking with a local brah around my age who was very welcoming and accepted us as kama’ainas, children of the land. He invited me to join him and his friends in communion and to visit his ranch whenever I like. That is the true aloha spirit.

Tuesday, Rev. Dan from the Church of Cognizance, a Neo-Zoroastrian cannabis sacrament ministry a couple of blocks away, visited me at my home, sanctuary-temple. We communed and he explained his beliefs and ministry to me. I am not very familiar with Zoroastrianism, so it was interesting to hear his beliefs and practices. We agreed to stay in touch and he said he would refer persons to me.

Wednesday, I again visited Roger at the Hawai’i Cannabis Ministry office. We watched great waves in the bay and long boarders riding them as we talked. He went through the Sanctuary Kit and explained it to me. We also talked of how we could collaborate in ministry. I feel very at home and comfortable with this ministry.

On the way home, I met a neighbor and his friend walking up the hill and gave them a ride to his house. He invited me and my wife to a big birthday party last night at the home of a Rasta neighbor I have gotten to know a little. It was a wonderful gathering with lots of community and love.

I find that the cannabis sacrament definitely helps build community (communion) among many of the diverse persons who live in this area. It is truly the healing herb and balm of the nations. May its spiritual blessing spread.

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