Rules and regulations

At certain times, I have given up all external Gaudiya Vaishnava practices. I have always remembered Radha Krishna, been a surrendered soul and engaged my life in devotional service following the path life has given me. I have broken all the four regulative principles, although I have little attraction to gambling and have been happily married in a monogamous relationship for eighteen years. I recently gave up eating red meat and drinking, although I had a little wine the other night when friends came over for dinner.

I’m an American and adopted an American mainline Christian clergy lifestyle for many years. That included meat eating and drinking. Since moving to Hawaii and having my yurt up, I am living a lifestyle much more conducive to Gaudiya practices, I’m much happier, have less stress and have new pleasures to engage in. I am more of a rajarshi than a brahmin, but am basically a casteless vaishnava.

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