The Move to Paradise

Geraldine and I are back in Grand Rapids. After the first week in Hilo, the winds shifted, there was less vog and I started feeling better. I feel so much better in Hawaii than I do here. Hawaii is so nurturing to human life. The struggle for survival is less intense. Here it is cold and snowing. I don’t really want to go outside. I can’t really say I’m happy to be home, although my friend Phil who stayed here while we were away did a wonderful job of home repairs getting our house ready to put on the market. My heart is still in Hawaii and I can’t wait to get back there.

We’re buying a piece of land in the Black Sands Beach Community off Hwy 130, about three miles from the ocean at about 1,000 feet elevation. The air quality should be pretty good there most of the time. We’re on a cinder road about 100 yards off the paved road. There’s a goat herder down the block. We’re about seven miles from Pahoa in the district of Puna.

Land prices have been sky rocketing there. We were blessed to be able to find a good piece of property we could buy. It’s a little over 1/3 acre of ohia forest and thick fern like vines grown over lava. We had to go in with bolo knives and clear paths to be able to check out the lay of the land. I’ll do some hand clearing to get a better perspective, but then I’ll have to bring in a bulldozer to level the lava a bit. Then we’ll set up a yurt or two. It will be quite an adventure. We hope to return there permanently by the end of April. Our friend Phil and his son Nathan will go with us.

Our task now is to wrap up our affairs here and make the transition to Hawaii. Aloha!

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