Jai Radhe!

Today is the appearance day of Sri Radha. This poem is my gift to her.

As a gift to you my dear queen of Braja,
I lay my life at your feet.
My only desire is to be your maid servant.
May I always be allowed to behold your beautiful form.
May I be allowed to touch you, bathe you and dress you with my love.
When oh when will that day come when my desires will be fulfilled?
Be kind to me and grant me your mercy soon.
My heart longs for you. I cannot stand the separation.
Let me join that bevy of young beauties that surround you,
and help to bring about your union with your beloved Govinda.
You are so merciful to even let me remember you in this way.
Live in my heart always while this separation exists,
and let me return to your bower soon.

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