War sucks!

I just spoke to my son John, 22 years old, in the Army National Guard. He enlisted as soon as he turned 18 and was supposed to be discharged in November. However, now he has orders to go to Iraq in November. July 1st, he reports for four months of training in Texas and Louisiana. He had planned to return to college in the fall. He planned to go back to college a couple of years ago also but was sent to Egypt for nine months instead. This is definitely not what he signed up for. One of his main reasons for enlisting was to get money for college.

He has a good attitude however, even though he is opposed to this war and the Bush administration like me. His main concern is the effect his absence will have on his newly wed wife. They were engaged and pushed up their wedding with a small private ceremony so that she could get benefits while he is away.

I am opposed to Bush and his war, but of course I support the troops like my son. They don’t make policy. They just carry out orders. I’m not going to be like some fathers of soldiers and support Bush and his war just because their children are over there. This makes me even more opposed to the war. My hope and John’s is that he will come home in one piece both physically and pyschologically. Haven’t we had enough killing and maiming in the name of honor, glory, nation and flag?

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