Binary stars

I am very happy to see that modern scientists and researchers are seriously examining the precession of the equinoxes based on the premise that our sun orbits around another star which is its binary companion. This is the basis of the system of sidereal astrology derived from Vedic astrology which I use. It takes into account the fact that at the vernal equinox, the sun is now at six degrees in the constellation Pisces rather than at zero degrees Aries as tropical astrologers say. This means in your horoscope, the signs of the planets, ascendant, etc. are pushed back around twenty four degrees from their tropical positions giving you a much more accurate horoscope reading based on the planets in relation to the constellations which is what astrology is really about.

The ancient Vedic civilization also described the great ages or yugas based on the orbit of these two binary stars. Perhaps they were more knowledgeablee about certain astronomical facts than we are.

A documentary has been made on this subject and will be on PBS. More information can be found here


Steve (Subal)

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