Interesting times

I really enjoy living in Grand Rapids. I have a nice, old home on the east side. It’s close to downtown, Eastown and East Grand Rapids where there are many fun things to do. I have an interesting circle of friends. Life is good. When I first moved here after four years in Valley City, North Dakota, I felt like I had just returned to civilization. (Not that I didn’t also enjoy ND, but I’m originally a New Yorker.) My wife and I thought we would never move again. Even though Grand Rapids has a reputation for being a conservative, Christian area (and some aspects of that do exist), it is becoming a model “cool city” such as Governor Granholm promotes. We have a good mayor, governor and U.S. senators. GR listed as 1 of 11 desirable mid-sized U.S. cities

However, my wife and I feel our way of life is threatened. The number one threat is the possibility of Bush stealing the next election again. We can’t imagine what damage he will do in another four years. We consider moving to another country because of this. Our decisions are further complicated by the threats of severe climate change and a severe energy crisis in the not too distant future. Where can we go to weather these storms? We would like to be part of a sustainable, spiritual community. We would also like to simplify our lives and lower our expenses.

Yet, I am much tougher and more willing to stay put and ride things out than I used to be when I was young, footloose and fancy free. Maybe I’m less adventurous. Maybe I just like where I live, my friends and community. While the thought of starting over in a new place holds a certain thrill, I know it also involves new difficulties. I wonder if just getting a newer home in this area that is more energy efficient and has an office I could use to meet clients rather than renting one downtown might not be the best remedy. It is hard to make choices when there are so many unknown variables that affect the future. There is a Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times.” These are certainly “interesting” times. And, ultimately, isn’t it foolish to expect to find real security anywhere in this temporary material world? Where I really want to go is back to Godhead, but I’ll have to wait until they’re ready to take me there. Until then, we try to discern God’s will for where and how we should live keeping all options open.



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