I am a member of United Communities of Spirit, an interfaith, spiritual community linked on the internet. Last night, I received a post from their forum by a member in New Zealand. I found it quite revealing and disturbing. It’s not that this is all so new and unknown to me, but the way many different aspects of our current situation are tied together in an authoritative, well documented manner is quite eye opening, revealing the sick scope of the right’s ambitions. What they plan is a Machiavellian theocracy not unlike Iran only of course following the laws of conservative “Christian” assumptions of how we are to live. If you are concerned about your future, want to know what is really at stake in this upcoming election and are willing to look into the face of the beast, read The Despoiling Of America by Katherine Yurica. I am so involved in political and social issues because I see that they are really spiritual issues. The right is very well organized but the left is not. While we are now used to speaking of imperialism and culture wars, this article will show you that it is really Dominionism and spiritual warfare that is at the heart of it. We need to come together in strong opposition before this corruption of all we believe in is able to take over totally.

Solidarity in the struggle,


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