Gay marriage

I was just reading a post of “Gay marriage isn’t what it used to be” by Richard Louv when I got a call from my friend Fred Stella, President of the Interfaith Dialogue Association, asking me to tape a radio show with him Friday on the issue of gay marriage. He said that any facts and figures I could bring with me would be most helpful. This article indeed contains some interesting facts that I will take along.

I agree with Louv that this issue is very divisive, and I would not like to see it become the center piece of the electoral campaign. However, this issue has been brought to us by the right, and if we do not act now to stop the legislature, a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage will be on the Michigan ballot in November bringing even more attention to it.

I hope that we are early enough in the election cycle that the issue will die down by November and other perhaps more important issues can be discussed. However, we must try to hold the line and not let any more rights be trampled by this Republican juggernaut.

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