Climate change

I normally check my email in the morning, and this morning I was greeted with disturbing news from the United Communities of Spirit (UCS) forum. One of the disturbing posts was this one, The Observer | International | Now the Pentagon tells Bush: climate change will destroy us. In 1979, I was the state networker for the New Age Caucus in Los Angeles working on environmental protection among other things. Twenty five years ago, I was aware of a report commissioned by President Jimmy Carter, which I believe was called “Global 2000” which studied what we could expect around this time if we continued on our present course. Of course, we largely ignored the predictions and warnings. Now here we are in 2004 facing dramatic climate change in the near future. We have a president who still wants to deny that climate change is real while the Pentagon prepares to defend the country against the hoards of displaced masses which will result from these changes. I even get news of this report through Canada and England rather than our own government and U.S. media. Here is some of what is in the report Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Key findings of the Pentagon.

Another post from UCS talked about the impending depletion of natural gas and oil reserves in the near future. This will lead to a collapse of the whole energy system and our current way of life unless we can develop sustainable energy alternatives quickly. All this along with Bush’s plans for Dominion (see my blog of February 16) makes a person wonder what they can do. Live a simple, sustainable lifestyle, keep up your spirits with a strong spiritual vision and practices and work for systemic change starting with a change in the White House.



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