A Perfect Life

As I prepare to lead A Perfect Life workshops later this month, I must ask, “What is a perfect life?” Believe me, I had to go through some soul searching before I could even think of leading A Perfect Life Workshop. The Buddha said, “Life is suffering.” For years, I said, “Life sucks.” In so many ways, life does suck. When you look at economic disparities, the destruction of the ecosystem, political corruption, war, oppression, human cruelty, how can you say life is perfect?

Yet, here we are on this planet earth. If you understand that we are eternal, full of knowledge and bliss and not this body, but spirit souls, that puts things more into perspective. We are here to learn, to carry out a mission, to realize that we really do not belong here permanently. We are here as a step of growth in our spiritual evolution and the situations we face in life help us in that growth process. The process is not always easy or pleasant, but if it leads to a higher goal, perhaps it is worthwhile.

How can we see the perfection in our present life, and how can we make our lives even more perfect? That is what the Perfect Life Program is all about. I’ll help you see the perfection that is already in your life and what you can do to make it even more perfect as you define perfect for yourself.



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