Why I write a new book

As I said in my last blog, I am writing a new book elucidating my beliefs about God, the purpose of life, the nature of the self, how to attain enlightenment, etc.. As a spiritual guide and minister, I feel it is important to do this. I often call myself eclectic, but what does that mean? It means I pick and choose what seems best to me from various spiritual, religious and philosophical systems producing what may be termed a mixed bag. I do not claim to belong to any one particular school of thought because I find things I agree with and disagree with in all of them. I have a unique point of view developed over a lifetime of study, practice and following the spiritual path wherever it led me both far and wide. The mix of wisdom teachings I have put together is hard to categorize. Therefore it is my hope that this book will concisely and clearly make these teachings available to seekers on the path and help guide them on the way. Another excerpt follows:

God is the ground of all being, the cause of all causes, the beginning and the end of all things, the source of all life and love. God is eternal. God exists before the beginning of time. Time begins with that big bang. God was and is before that.

Where and how does God exist? That’s a complicated question. The old mechanistic view of a creator God up in the sky kind of puttering around creating the earth in six days is quite obsolete. We now know that the universe is much bigger than the ancients could conceive.

Let us postulate that there is an eternal, infinite spiritual universe that exists prior to the creation of this material universe. While this material universe is many light years across, it is not infinite or eternal. The material universe is a reflection of the spiritual universe like a tree reflected on water. The tree is real while the reflection is illusory yet it has a basis in reality. The material universe is a temporary manifestation. It appears real just as the world we inhabit in dream seems real, but when we wake up, we realize it was an illusion. We consider this waking world to be reality, but it is another level of illusory dream.

Let us consider that God is both formless and yet has infinite forms. Suppose one of those forms of God is sleeping and dreaming and this world is God’s dream. Yes. God’s dream is so powerful that it creates a “reality” that goes on for billions of years and billions of light years and seems so solid and captivating that we believe it is all there is. Yet it is a dream, an illusion. Still we have a longing, a strange unfulfilled desire to be somewhere else. We sense that things are not quite right here, that there is a place somewhere, far beyond where everything is right, a place where the ills and suffering of this world does not exist.



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