Watch your karma

What determines whether we wind up in heaven or hell or somewhere in between? It is called karma or the law of cause and effect. We create our own destiny. Everything we have done in this life has brought us to where we are right now. Everything we do in this life will carry us on to the next life.

You have heard about how when persons are dying, their life flashes before them. Your actions and experiences in this life carry you on to the next life. If the wind blows over a garbage dump, it picks up a foul odor. If it blows over a rose garden, it picks up a sweet odor. In the same way, the experiences of this life carry over into the next and help to determine the course it will take.

It is very difficult to break this cycle of birth and death, but by the grace of God, it is possible. Grace is given freely and is open to everyone. However, some persons are more open to grace than others. The best way to open oneself to grace is to become a devotee of God.



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