The worst of times

You know, I’m just so disgusted it’s incredible. I must admit, I’m a news junkie, and I listen to a lot of NPR, watch the “Newshour” and also some network news. I also find much in the way of news that I don’t get anywhere else on another blog Suburban Guerrilla. Yet I can hardly stand to hear any more.

Listening to the news while eating breakfast this morning, I thought to myself how the advances of the previous century which increased our freedom and greatly improved the lives of ordinary working people are just being stripped away incredibly quickly and with little notice by the public.

I’ve lived through a lot of bad times in the past 57 years, but I have never seen anything as bad as this. We have a good mayor here in Grand Rapids, and we have a good Governor in Michigan, but their hands are tied by the stinking economy created by the lying, deceiving, sanctimonious fool in the White House and his cohorts who control the Congress. I thought the Iran-Contra Scandal that Daddy Bush, Reagan and Oli North conducted more or less in secret would bring down the whole corrupt system when it was exposed. Nothing. Now, Bush and company are dismantling the economy, the middle class, our international alliances, our civil rights and waging a never ending war openly even as their lies are exposed regularly and NOTHING. Where are the mass protests, the national strikes the calls for regime change? It just shows how incredibly stupid half the population is to continue to support this diabolical plot.

The Democratic presidential candidates are my best hope for change, yet that whole process is so lame it is discouraging. I kind of gave up on the Democratic party being an effective alternative to the Republicans during the Clinton presidency. Sometimes the best we can do is choose the lesser of two evils. Kerry may appear electable, but he is unremarkable and says he was fooled by Bush when he dragged us into war with Iraq. I sure wasn’t fooled. Edwards is good looking and a southern charmer with some good ideas. Clark is intelligent, has a good background and good ideas. Lieberman is attractive to conservatives and Republicans, but I can’t stand him. Sharpton is a rabble rouser and I like that, but I don’t think he stands a chance. Dean has good ideas and charisma, but I think the media will chew him up as they already have succeeded in doing. Kucinich has the best ideas of all. Yet you rarely hear his name, he is discounted as a candidate and has little ranking in the polls. Still, on a gut level, I like him best of all. I said this from the beginning. I have supported Clark because he seemed electable and I like him a lot, but after N.H., maybe he isn’t so electable after all. If Kucinich can hang in there until the Michigan caucus, I think I’ll vote for him. At least I’ll have the satisfaction of voting my conscience. Of course, when it comes down to it in the general election, I’ll vote for anyone but Bush.



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