Health care choices

One of the benefits of the decline in health insurance benefits that I and many Americans are experiencing is that today I visited Jock, a practitioner of Oriental Assessment and Herbal Counseling. You see, last week, my wife whose health insurance I am under told me that because the deductibles are now so high on the policy she might as well go see Jock because even if she goes to a network provider the insurance will probably never kick in. She went to see Jock and after questioning her about his techniques I was impressed. I have no faith in traditional Western medical practitioners anyhow.

So, today I also saw Jock since I have some digestive problems that have been keeping my life from being as perfect as I would like. I spent about two and a half hours with him, got a good overview of how the body works, received a painless and non-intrusive diagnosis and a list of herbs for me to take. I have confidence in him. Our friends who have been seeing him for years gave him the highest recommendation.

Jock said that other clients said the same thing about their insurance coverage and why they were coming to him. If you have to pay for your medical expenses out of your own pocket, you might as well get the best available service. As for me, I’d rather deal with a holistic practitioner than a typical doctor who usually just treats symptoms rather than getting to the underlying causes of the symptoms. Two and a half hours with Jock cost me $90 and the herbs may cost a hundred dollars or so. Then I expect to be healthy. This makes sense to me. How about you?



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