Wake up!

Well, here I go again. Definite proof I am appealing to a particular target market.

Howard Dean is right. We are no safer with Saddam in jail. Saddam was never a threat to us. George Bush is a threat to us.

Regarding Plan B, the Morning After Pill, anything that will help women avoid unwanted pregnancies is a welcome addition to the solution. Do we really still want to keep women barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen? Don’t we have enough humans over populating this planet and destroying the environment with inadequate jobs to support those who are already alive? Do we really want to keep increasing the population which we cannot afford to even educate due to tax cuts for the rich and excessive expenditures for an unnecessary war? What to speak of health care. When are we going to learn that it’s alright to prevent unwanted births and to let old folks die a natural death? After all, as soon as you’re born, you know the end will be death. It’s unavoidable. Why prolong the inevitable with a miserable quality of life merely to enrich the medical profession?

Come on folks. Think about it. How long can you remain in denial?



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