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Life is perfect and getting more perfect by the day, at least for me. I’ve been absorbed in working the Perfect Life Program in my own life as I prepare to offer a series of workshops on the subject starting next month. I find myself much more content and happily engaged in the activities of my life that are already perfect in their own way. It’s all a matter of perspective.

I find I’m cutting back on things that I feel I should be doing but am not really passionate about, e.g. the presidential race. My effect on the outcome will be very small. The large field of Democratic contenders makes it hard to know who to support at this time. I like Kucinich’s ideals but don’t think he has much chance of winning. I like Clark because I think he can win and has good positions. I also like Dean and there are some others I could live with. Fact of the matter is however that I have little faith that politics will substantially change things for us. I do believe we are better off when Democrats are in power and I will certainly vote, but after all they are politicians.

I believe real change occurs as individuals transform their lives to healthier, holistic, enlightened ways of being. As individuals change, society changes. Then a real paradigm shift occurs. That’s why I’ve spent most of my life working in the spiritual and personal growth fields. I invite you to change along with me and we can change the world.



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