A positive vision

Yesterday, my wife and I finally got to see The Matrix: Revolutions at the Imax. I was truly anxious to see this film, feeling I needed closure. I loved the first Matrix film and was just elated that so many spiritual themes were woven into the plot and that it was being so well received by the public and elucidated upon by scholars. Frankly, I left the theatre feeling bummed after seeing Reloaded. I watched it again on video and felt a bit better about it. Revolutions left me feeling satisfied and complete about the overall message of the trilogy. While apprehensive due to the negative reviews Revolutions received, I was glad I didn’t allow them to keep me away. I don’t think many reviewers are capable of appreciating the truly revolutionary message of The Matrix trilogy.

I am even more looking forward to The Return of the King. I first read The Ring Trilogy in 1966 while a hippie in Haight Ashbury. I was totally absorbed and fascinated by the mythology. I identified (and still do) with The Ranger, Aragorn, who later was recognized as the king.

I love sci-fi and fantasy, especially when they portray an uplifting vision. I find so much recent cinema and TV to be uninteresting garbage. Why not use all that money, talent and ability to communicate to uplift humanity? By the way, if you haven’t already, check out “Joan of Arcadia.”

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