Tomorrow, my wife and I are going to Italy. We will visit the area around Venice and Verona. We will meet some of her relatives on her mother’s side. We will relax and enjoy ourselves, eat good food, see beautiful sights. We will return November 21st, and I will resume blogging at that time if you do not hear from me while I am away. I will also be available to respond to the needs of my clients after the 21st. I hope I may be of service to you then.

I am taking a book with me, Total Freedom: The Essential Krishnamurti. Lately, I am most attracted to writers like Krishnamurti and Osho who reject organized religion and rigid belief systems in favor of personal freedom and self realization of one’s own unique identity in relationship to the Ground of Being. I have been through various religious systems and have reaped benefits by doing so. Yet I also find all systems to be lacking. I am not comfortable applying any label to myself. I am just fully me.

My task is to continue journeying the path of life and helping travelers I meet along the way find freedom from the conditioning and brainwashing of life so that they may also realize their true selves and enjoy the journey to the fullest. May you be blest in all that you do.



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