Standing together

I applaud the Episcopal Church for consecrating Bishop Gene Robinson in the face of threats of schisms within and without. We do not live in the first century but rather the twenty-first century. We cannot allow first century social mores to guide us today as if they were some infallible dictate written in stone by God directly to apply forever in all places. The Bible was written by men with their limited understandings for the audiences they were addressing in their day. These writings may serve as a good guide or inspiration for us today, but they must be interpreted and applied to our present situation in a reasonable manner. God may have inspired the writers of the Bible, but God can still inspire us today as we interpret them and do our own writing. God is not dead or silent but works through those who are open to the Spirit.

Just as the Bible has been used to oppress women (and still is in some circles) it is also used to oppress gays. When will we realize that God is a God of love and all are God’s beloved including all creation. No one has a total lock on God and can say their understanding is the only correct understanding. God is far more than we can ever imagine or realize. Let’s get a little humility and stop trying to impose our views on others but rather engage in constructive dialogue in a spirit of love and grace.

When Matthew Shepherd was brutally killed for being gay, I decided to become more of an activist for gay rights. Today, we are seeing a conservative backlash as gay rights are advanced. Those who are forward looking, progressives need to take a stand or any progress will be turned back. Saturday I joined the Coalition for a Fair Michigan which is forming to stop efforts in Michigan, both in the Legislature and within many conservative faith communities to amend the State constitution to deny equal rights to gay and lesbian families by banning marriage and all forms of legal recognition of those families such as domestic partner benefits and civil unions. I encourage you to get involved also if you live in Michigan or else find a group in your area that does similar work.

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