Love is the key

I just got back from doing the wedding of a nice young couple. Even though I don’t know these persons well, it’s a pleasure and a privilege to take part in such an important milestone in their lives. I often get a little choked up and emotional at weddings. I know how wonderful and exciting a moment it is, but I also know the difficulties that lie ahead.

Today, most marriages face difficulties at some point and it takes a real effort to make a marriage work over the years. In an age of heightened selfishness and individuality, a marriage requires two strong individuals who are able to respect each other’s individuality and yet also become one and give up certain selfish interests for the good of the other or for the good of the two as one. It’s a matter of give and take based on the core principle of love. That love has to be more than just a passing feeling. It requires commitment and will to love even when one doesn’t feel like loving.

May we all learn to love more. That would solve all the problems on earth. For when we learn to love one another, then this becomes heaven.



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