A sad state of affairs

I have been the convener of the Livable Family Income Action Group of West Michigan Call to Renewal for three years. This group is made up of religious leaders, economics and business professors, and other community leaders including the president of the labor council. We have been working to pass a Livable Family Income Incentive Proposal for the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan. The mayor elect was the principle author of our proposal and a regular member of our group. Yet we do not have the four votes necessary to pass this proposal by the city commission. This proposal is a kinder, gentler, watered down version of a living wage ordinance, and yet we are unable to pass it in this “good” Christian community even though we have the support of Catholic and Christian Reformed leaders which are the two main denominations in this area.

What a sad state of affairs that even Democratic commissioners elected with the help of labor unions and who call themselves Christian are unwilling to step forward to help the working poor in this very nominal way. I believe Jesus said, “Howsoever you treat the least of these, so you treat me.”

May God have mercy on our souls.


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