How does one live life? One day at a time. The past is over and gone. The future is not yet. Here we are in the present. It’s really all we ever have. Yet so many people squander the present by lamenting over the past, reminising about the glory days, worrying about what’s going to happen or hoping for a better future. Yet here we are in the present. Now. Now. Now. Now is all we have. Don’t waste it. Be here now and make it the best possible now it can be. If you live each moment fully, savoring it, being in pure consciousness of the awesome reality the we are, that exists in each of us and all around us, Wow! If you are not having those kind of experiences, perhaps you should consider making some changes. Hey, I’m not suggesting that we live in some kind of polyanna world where everything is just wonderful, but that we are able to experience the wonder even in the midst of the struggles of life. Connect with the divine in you and all creation. Be a vehicle for positive energy. Work for real change, but remember, usually the most important changes need to take place within you.



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