How often we have to compromise between what we want and what is attainable. For example, I really like Dennis Kucinich’s positions on issues like defense, trade, etc.. He is who I would like to see elected president because he would do the things I’d like to see happen. Yet the media says he’s unelectable, and if they say it often enough and enough people believe it, he will be, especially considering the scared, conservative mind-set of the electorate. To find out about him first hand, check out Dennis Kucinich for President Campaign, 2004 – Official Website

Wes Clark is more of a centrist Democrat and has a better chance of getting elected, especially with his military background. His positions on issues are OK. He would be much better than Bush, and that is the main thing. Check out his website Clark for President Official Campaign Web site

What if we had a Clark-Kucinich ticket? I’d be very happy with that, but it’s not likely. We’ll probably wind up with Clark and Dean, and that would be OK.

I hope that in your personal life you have more control and have to compromise less.



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