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The Physics of God

The Physics of God is the best book on the subject that I have ever read. It is a clear and lucid explanation of the interface between science and spirituality, as well as consciousness and matter. Anyone, scientist or layman, will benefit from this marvelous book.–Jyotish Novak, author of How to Meditate The Physics of […]

Reality Unveiled

“In Reality Unveiled Ziad Masri integrates the best of science and spirituality to provide a coherent explanation of the workings of the Cosmos that resonates with truth, and provides answers to one’s deepest questions.” ―Miriam Knight, Publisher of New Consciousness Review Reality Unveiled: The Hidden Keys of Existence That Will Transform Your Life (and the […]

Infinite Potential

I read a number of quantum physics books lately, but I think Infinite Potential: What Quantum Physics Reveals About How We Should Live by physical chemist Lothar Schafer provides the best argument for a spiritual dimension underlying and directing the universe and our lives. He asserts, “Everything that exists in the visible world has first […]

A New Life Update

A strong Taoist streak permeates my spirituality. I’ve long consulted and followed the I Ching. I think of it as a way to have a direct, personal conversation with Cosmic Consciousness. Early last year, I did a general reading, and to my surprise, it told me I reached the goal of my spiritual practices to […]

Back from Sabbatical

I am back from sabbatical, ready to engage the world again. I stopped following news, thinking (as much as possible), and doing spiritual practices meant to get me to Braj in the next life (or anywhere else). Rather, I focused on studying Taoism and Zen with Alan Watts and others, enjoy life here and now […]

Chaitanya’s Archetypal Possession

Many devotees see the sixteenth century Bengali saint and mystic, Krishna Chaitanya, even in his own lifetime, as an incarnation of Radha-Krishna in one body manifesting the archetype of spiritual androgyny. Universalist Radha-Krishnaism: The Way of Natural Devotion (41) When questioned further about this, I often respond that he experienced archetypal possession. Here’s what I […]

Tulsi Gabbard for President?

Yesterday, I became aware of this video on Facebook in response to a supporter of Tulsi Gabbard’s post. The person who posted it said, “I really really like her …but the whole Hari Krishna connection she has not spoken about…. being Hindu is great lovely way of life…. Hari Krishna movement is a cult…” Of […]


My recent study of Stoicism and Existentialism finds them lacking, although not without redeeming qualities. Existentialism says our life answers the question, “What is the meaning of life?” better than our philosophy may. To this end, I lived my life as art to make a statement that I present in An Authentic Life: A Spiritual […]


The Way of Natural Devotion is quite simple and easy. At the same time, it is demanding and rigorous. The practitioner best approaches the path with a highly developed character that includes the traditional values of service to God-dess, country, family, and friends. The practitioner is a person of dignity, restraint, and discernment who follows […]

Natural Devotion 9: Radha-Krishna

Steve Bohlert comments on these lines from his book: “The extreme love shared by Radha-Krishna and their devotees feels especially sweet and attractive. Radha-Krishna invite everyone to join their intimate community of lovers. . . . God-dess created infinite beings for infinite new loving relationships. Radha-Krishna hide their awesome, majestic nature and emphasize their sweet, […]