Steve’s Musings

Nature of the Absolute (cont.)

We are finite, and God-dess is infinite. We cannot limit the infinite with mere human thought and words. We do not want to define a God that is too small and fits neatly in our box. God-dess’ inconceivable potency transcends the law of contradiction, blending contradictory ideas and qualities within him-herself paradoxically. Since the Absolute […]

Nature of the Absolute

Universalist Radha-Krishnaism offers a panentheistic theology. The personal Absolute enfolds even the formless, attributeless Absolute, which we call Undifferentiated Oneness. God-dess’ power to reconcile the irreconcilable reconciles our imperfect, contradictory ideas of qualified and unqualified Absolute in a higher synthesis. We cannot fully express the infinite unbounded Absolute in words, but this does not mean […]

An Environmental Perspective

Rather than God-dess giving humans dominion over other species and the environment, we are given stewardship of them–responsibility to care for them. In today’s urban environments we tend to loose our connection with nature, and materialistic capitalism dominates. One of the main underlying causes driving a multiplicity of problems is rapid population growth that takes […]

Universalist Radha-Krishnaism in Brief

Universalist Radha-Krishnaism is aimed at a well educated, open audience. It presents esoteric Vedic wisdom in plain, well-written English, avoiding technical Sanskrit terms. We provide seekers with a philosophical-theological system as well as practices they can begin incorporating in their daily lives. We accept modern science and incorporate several scientific perspectives in our presentation. As […]

A Queer Friendly Spirituality

I saw the DVD “Milk” last night–a poignant reminder of our not so distant past and the ongoing struggle for equal rights for all. I want to make it clear that Universalist Radha-Krishnaism is open to and affirming of queers of all types. I’ve always been an outsider myself. My struggle against the conservative elements […]

Spring Has Sprung in the Jungle!

What a long, cloudy, rainy winter it has been. Today, Jahnava and I took the vinyl windows off our yurt until fall. It’s 94 F inside with the ceiling fan going full and 78 outside. The sun is shinning brightly, the birds are singing, the wind blew the vog away and life is about as […]

An Experimental Approach to Faith and Reason

The existence of God-dess cannot be conclusively proved or disproved. God-dess exists beyond time, space, reason, and conception as well as in time, space, reason, and conception. Therefore, we can know God-dess to the degree we comprehend his-her self-revelation at the moment. So, it comes down to faith aided by intuition and reason. Faith is […]

Major Christian Influences

As I have said, Universalist Radha-Krishnaism has strong progressive Christian influences. Some of the major Christian influences are: Matthew Fox: Original Blessing, The Coming of the Cosmic Christ–drew me to Christianity with his interfaith, panentheistic, life-affirming mystical views. He demonstrates that original sin is not biblical and that life is a blessing. The Cosmic Christ […]

A Concise Summary

I seek common ground with science and occasionally read a book to keep up with the latest trends. The material world is not a punishing apparatus, and we did not fall from paradise. Rather we are new souls springing from God-dess’s love and put here to evolve to the point where we can interact with […]

Easter Reflections

After weeks of dismal clouds and rain, I woke up this morning with the rising sun on my face. I felt quite blissful and blessed like a true Easter miracle happened. I understood perfectly why people worship the sun–the source of light and life. Later in the morning, the sun was covered by clouds again, […]