Steve’s Musings

Up and Running

What a struggle it has been to get my blog page up and running on my website these past two days. Yesterday, it was being able to post and publish and today it was setting up the ability to archive. Both days I called upon the expertise of computer gurus at the Community Media Center […]

Another Day of Blogging

Well, here it is another day of blogging. I customized my blog template to harmonize with the rest of my website and linked it to and from my site. I also added an archive page to my site. I’ve had to do all work on my site from the computer lab at the Community Media […]

Entering the World of Blogging

This is a new day in which I am entering the world of blogging. I look forward to being able to share my insights, inspirations, views, comments, rants, raves, and other thoughts on a daily basis from my home computer. This first post is basically a test to make sure the system is working properly.