Steve’s Musings

Don’t give up the fight

It is important to maintain a positive attitude, see the good in all things, be non-judgmental of our neighbors, etc. Yet in these times that we live in, it is essential to maintain our God given intelligence and clearly discriminate between good and evil. Then we must actively oppose evil. Last night my wife and […]

A counter-culture weekend

I was glad to read this favorable review by John Douglas, who doesn’t easily give good reviews, of Bob Dylan’s movie “Masked and Anonymous” which is playing at the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts in Grand Rapids, MI. Dylan’s creation is a worthy trip. I have been eagerly awaiting this film since reading about it […]

The worst of times

You know, I’m just so disgusted it’s incredible. I must admit, I’m a news junkie, and I listen to a lot of NPR, watch the “Newshour” and also some network news. I also find much in the way of news that I don’t get anywhere else on another blog Suburban Guerrilla. Yet I can hardly […]

Help wanted

In addition to the book I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, I have been working on another book for many years. It is autobiographical and deals with my spiritual journey from beatnik to hippie to Hindu to New Age to Christian to post-Christian. It spans the world and is the archetypical boomer quest. I have over […]

Watch your karma

What determines whether we wind up in heaven or hell or somewhere in between? It is called karma or the law of cause and effect. We create our own destiny. Everything we have done in this life has brought us to where we are right now. Everything we do in this life will carry us […]

Three types of planets

The earth is considered to be a middle planet somewhere between heaven and hell. There are parts of this planet that are quite heavenly and others that are hellish, and it seems impossible to find purely one or the other anywhere. Conditions on earth are good for enlightenment because there is opportunity to satisfy the […]

Follow King’s example

Martin Luther King, Jr. was certainly a great man who did a lot for this country and the world. We are so much better off because he lived and stuck to his principles even at the cost of his life. While he is known primarily for his work in the civil rights movement, he was […]

Spiritual evolution

We are part and parcel of God, one in quality, different in quantity. Due to our infinitesimal size, when we take birth in the material world, we come under the spell of maya or illusion. Our remembrance of our spiritual nature is covered over and forgotten. We develop a false ego in which we identify […]

Free love

We are all eternal, individual persons and desire to be in relationships of love and joy. God is the same way, only God is infinite and we are infinitesimal. God is a person who is able to manifest in unlimited forms on unlimited worlds and engage in unlimited pastimes. This is what God does. God […]


There is an aspect of God that is formless, attribute less, indescribable and like the light of the sun—this all pervading white light is eternal consciousness. The Vedic literature calls it Brahman. Some yogis aspire to merge with it and become one with God. They liken it to a drop of water merging with the […]