Steve’s Musings

Impersonal or Personal?

Many seekers who turn to the East come under the influence of the impersonalist school of thought taught by many Indian teachers. I on the other hand am of the personalist school of thought having passed through the impersonal approach previously. Rather than seeking to annihilate the ego/self, I seek to purify the ego/self/spirit soul […]


I am a member of United Communities of Spirit, an interfaith, spiritual community linked on the internet. Last night, I received a post from their forum by a member in New Zealand. I found it quite revealing and disturbing. It’s not that this is all so new and unknown to me, but the way many […]

Happy Valentines Day

Love the one you’re with. Steve

Perfect or imperfect?

With so many terrible things happening all around the world and being bombarded by them constantly through the media, it’s very easy to let them influence us, become depressed and give up hope. Remember though, it’s our choice. We may not be able to immediately change all the things we would like to in this […]

When will we ever learn?

I have been part of the counter cultural movement all my life. For eleven years, I tried to infiltrate mainstream society as a pastor and bring about change from within. I could not adequately hide my agenda and so was rejected by those interested in maintaining the status quo. I am again working as an […]

Scary thoughts

Listening to WAMU : The Diane Rehm Show this morning, Kevin Phillips, the fellow who wrote American Dynasty the recent book about the Bushs, reminded me of how Daddy Bush stole the election from Carter by negotiating the October surprise with the Iranians, getting them to not release US hostages until he and Reagan were […]

Why I oppose the war

Let me explain some of the reasons I am opposed to the Bush administration and the Iraq war. For one thing, during high school I had congressional appointments to the Air Force and Coast Guard academies and an NROTC scholarship. The Air Force turned me down because I couldn’t broad jump far enough and the […]

Learning to live with differences

I can’t believe how busy I’ve been lately. I haven’t blogged for three days. As an independent, solo entrepreneur/minister, I have many roles to fulfill and anything that has to be done, I’m usually the one to do it. While I love to write, it seems many other things are demanding my time right now […]

It’s a shame

It’s a shame I have to drive to Lansing early tomorrow morning to participate in a press conference and lobby my legislators. It’s a shame Republican legislators are set on imposing their conservative Christian values on all residents of Michigan. It’s a shame they have such a narrow definition of family values that it excludes […]

Michael Moore Speaks

Here’s an article covering Moore’s appearance last night. Hundreds listen to Moore politics Too bad they had to include the negative attacks of Michigan GOP chairwoman Betsy DeVos who is a real elitist. So much for fair and balanced.